Department of Environmental Engineering


 I am Professor of Environmental Microbiology.  My research spans the areas of microbial ecology and technology with a special interest in biofilm science and engineering: elucidating cellular-level and ecological processes which occur in natural and engineered biofilms, and developing and exploiting biofilm-based bioreactor systems. My research group uses both advanced microscopic and molecular tools as well as computational approaches to study fundamental and applied microbial ecological questions.

I head METLAB, a focused team of researchers, pursuing MRME activities.







MRME: Microbial Resource Management and Engineering -- the bridge between environmental engineering and microbial ecology -- is the central tenet in all we do. This translates in an seemingly wide range of research topics: Biotechnological processes for water and soil remediation; biofilm reactor technology; nitrogen cycling: applications and fundamentals; microbial molecular ecology of polluted habitats, symbioses, and waste treatment systems; biocatalyis & biodegradation of xenobiotics; bacterial adhesion & biofilm formation; horizontal gene transfer in microbial communities; mathematical modelling of microbial processes and interactions; bioreactor design and analysis; biotechnology and the new wastewater management paradigm.

Last updated 29.04.2013