My personal homepage

 Hi, welcome to my homepage at DTU's site. Here you can find information regarding my current and some of my past work.
My research topics and education activities are related to integration of heterogeneous networks and communication systems, with focus on the enabling protocols and the resulting service possibilities. Software mechanisms and tools applied to communication have been one of the items I have been mainly working with, in the last years.


You can find further details about me  here .


I am currently involved in the following activities at DTU-Fotonik, within the Networks Technology and Service Platforms group:


Spring Semester:


34358 - Programming Services for Next Generation Networks.

34352 - Advanced Protocols.

Autumn Semester:

34357 - Advanced Telecommunications.
34355 - Routing in data Networks (contribution with 3 lectures).
34330 - Introduction to Mobile Communications (contribution with 1 lecture).


Student Adviser:  

Special (ad-hoc) courses:

- Application of Open Source Server in Multidomain VoIP Scenarios. Hördur Mar Gestsson.



Master theses projects:

-   Mobile TV Integration and Coexistence in 2G, 3G and LTE Mobile Networks. Aleksis Geske.


PhD Projects:

- Intelligent Control of Home ApMpliances via Network.  Ana Roselló.


External Projects & Activities

 -  Public Services - Cooperation with other departments in DTU in relation to Public  Services activities to Banedanmark & Traffikstyrelsen on railways infratructure and  systems (ERTMS  & GSM-R).
-   EU FP7 Project MODUS: Methodology and Supporting Toolset Advancing Embedded Systems Quality.  l1   l2


Other activities

Currently I am elected representative of engineers in the Security and Cooperation committee of DTU-Fotonik, as well as deputy union representative, on behalf of employees of DTU-Fotonik members of the Danish Engineers Association ( IDA ).
19 NOVEMBER 2018