Department of Wind Energy

Mathias Stolpe

Welcome to the homepage of Mathias Stolpe. I am working as a Professor at DTU Wind Energy. I am leader of the team Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization at the Wind Turbine Structures section. The team's research is mainly focused on development of theory, models, and methods for optimization problems arising within the field of design of load carrying structures.

For the last few years I have developed and implemented global optimization methods for solving structural topology and sizing problems with discrete design variables. Applications include optimal design of truss structures and laminated composite structures. I am currently focused on optimal design of offshore wind turbine support structures, mainly in the ABYSS project. 

I am a member of the Topology Optimization group at DTU, the TopOpt group. This group consists of researchers from DTU Mechanical Engineerin, DTU Compute, and DTU Wind Energy. On the TopOpt homepage a number of applications of topology optimization are presented.

Last updated 27.03.2015