This is the DTU staff page on Professor MSO Mikael Rørdam Andersen at Department of Biotechnology and Biomedicine.
My research is focused on the application of genome-scale sciences to the characterization, development and optimization of cell factories with industrial applications, in particular Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells and filamentous fungi of the Aspergillusgenus. Activities include both wet lab experimental work and computational biology.
Current major research themes are:

Metabolic modeling and engineering of filamentous fungi for production of primary and secondary metabolites.

Genus-scale analysis of the biological diversity of the Aspergilli for new natural and synthetic biology products.

Establishment of genome-scale sciences for CHO cells and systems biology approaches for enhanced biopharma production.

My preferred modus operandi and primary area of expertise is the accumulation of high quality genome-scale data from quantitatively characterized biological cultures, and the application of these for targeted genetic improvements of model cell factories. Major technology platforms aretranscriptomics, genomics, and genome-scale modeling supported by molecular biology. Recent high profile publications include de Vries et al 2017, Genome Biology, Maansson et al 2016, mSystems, Xu et al. (2011), Nature Biotechnology, Andersen et al. (2011), Genome Res, and Andersen et al. (2013), PNAS USA.

Consult the menu bar above for further information on the research group, current and past projects, as well as personal CVand list of publications. My work is highly collaborative and applied, which has led to the development of strong research collaborations with severalpartners, both industrial and academic. Further collaborators are welcomed.
22 MAY 2018