Department of Environmental Engineering

Current PhD students

  • Ditte Marie ReinholdtJensen (from Dec 2017): Planning toolsfor stormwater pollution management (funded by the Sino-Danish UniversityCenter and DTU). Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen and L. Vezzaro (DTU Environment),and Xuyong Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  • Rocco Palmitessa (fromDec 2017): Hydraulic modelling and data assimilationfor deep urban tunnel systems (funded by DTU). Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsenand M. Borup (DTU Environment), and Adrian Law Wing-Keung (NanyangTechnological University).
  • Peter Alexander Stentoft (from Sept 2017): Stochastic predictive control of wastewater treatmentprocesses (funded by Innovation Fund Denmark). Supervisors: J. Kloppenborg and H. Madsen (DTU Compute), P.S. Mikkelsen (DTU Env), L. Vezzaro and T. Munk-Nielsen (Krüger).
  • Jonas Wied Pedersen (from Oct 2016): Models for real time warning and control strategies in urban drainage and wastewater systems (funded by Innovation Fund Denmark). Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen (DTU Env), H. Madsen (DTU Comp) and L. Vezzaro (Krüger).
  • Nadia Schou Vorndran Lund (from Jul 2016): Optimized real-time management of interacting water systems for a smarter city (funded by DTU and DHI). Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen and M. Borup (DTU Env) - and O. Mark and H. Madsen (DHI).
  • Herle Mo Madsen (from Dec 2014): Drivers and barriers for the innovation and implementation of alternative solutions to climate adaptation (funded by DTU). Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen and M. Rygaard (DTU Env) - and Maj M. Andersen (DTU Man Engin).
  • Sara Lerer (from Nov 2012): Quantitative potential for stormwater source control (co-funded by the Foundation for Development of Technology in the Danish Water Sector, and DTU). Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen and K. Arnbjerg-Nielsen.
Last updated 12.12.2017