Research funding

Funding while at DTU:

2020: Core user of Center for Optical Bio-Manipulation granted as infrastructure facility to Poul Martin Bendix, Univ. of Copenhagen from Novo Nordisk Foundation

2020: Novo Nordisk Foundation, NERD program Funding for 7 year project to develop diamond sensing with live cells and optical trapping (12.5 MDKK)

2020: DFF-FNU Funding for research project on thermometry and viscoelasticity measurements in live cells by quantum sensing and optical trapping (2.8 MDKK)


2020: Novo Nordisk Foundation co-applicant in Exploratory Synergy grant QuantumBioEngineering (main applicant Stephan Wenkel, Univ. of Copenhagen)


2020: International Network Programme, Danish Ministry of Research and Education, PI for exploratory network with Nir Bar-Gill, Hebrew University (288 kDKK)


2019: Carlsberg Foundation  Funding for equipment to optically trap microdiamonds with NV centers, located inside cells (350.000 DKK)
2018: Novo Nordisk Foundation   participant in Synergy grant BioQ (main applicant Ulrik Lund Andersen, DTU Physics)
2016-17: Brødrene Hartmann Funding for equipment and running costs, research in hydrodynamic effects of structured surfaces/shark skin (80.000 DKK)
2016: EUopSTART Funding for preparation of application for an ITN network (H2020) (50.000 DKK)
2013: Carlsberg Foundation Funding for micro-PIV equipment, initially with the focus to investigate osmotically driven flows (800.000 DKK).
2010: Carlsberg Foundation Funding for equipment and running costs, research in elasticity of cells and biomimetic systems investigated by optical forces (300.000 DKK)
2006-09: Danish Research Councils Funding for running costs, research in "physics of living cells" (258.000 DKK)
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