2015.10.18 The lab's productivity continues, although not in the traditional way. Congratulations to former  PhD student Sofia on becoming a new mother!

2015.10.14 Anna Miesner defends her Masters thesis with flying colours! Congratulations Anna!

2015.09.08 Philipp gets his first paper published - and in PNAS to boot! Congratulations on a great start to the PhD! See an article on it here and the PNAS article here.

2015.09.01 Lab summer outing! We went kayaking as a group at Amager strandpark for a couple of hours, followed by relaxing with a beer at Christianshavn and then dinner in Nyhavn. The weather wasn't 100%, but it didn't matter - we all had a good time and enjoyed each others company outside of the lab for a change. 

2015.03.27 Philipp, Laurene and Mark give five presentations between them at the 3rd international symposium on "Effects of climate change on the world's oceans" in Santos, Brazil. Philipp takes the cake though, winning the prize for Best Presentation. Congratulations Philipp!

2015.03.19 Sofia graduates as the first PhD student from the Payne lab by successfully defending her thesis! Congratulations Sofia! 

The moment of truth! Sofia is congratulated on passing by her PhD committee - Adrian Martin and Henrik Gislason

2014.08.03 Our Tuna article was covered in the Sunday Times of London! :-) 

2014.07 Mark, together with several others from Aqua, makes the front page of Global Change Biology with an article on Tuna in the Denmark Strait. Read the article here, and a news report here.

2014.07.04. Lab meeting at Roskilde! From left: Sofia, Mark and Laurene... and 100 000 others!

2014.05.10 Another new (honorary) lab member arrives, with the birth of Thor William Payne-Larsen!

2014.04.23 Katharina gives birth to her baby daughter, Pi. Congratulations!

2014.04.07 Sofia presents her work at the ESSAS conference in Copenhagen!

2014.03.11 Our first group meeting! Our first lab photo! From left: Philipp, Jonatan, Laurene, Katharina, Sofia and Mark. We all learnt that looking into the rising sun doesn't make for good photos!

2014.01.06 Mark and Philipp dragged the rest of the department into the Swiss tradition of Dreikönigskuche. Happy New Year!

2013.12.01 Philipp Brun started today in the Payne lab. He will be working on species distribution modelling of plankton. Welcome Philipp!

2013.09.27 ... and then, after a fast trip to Iceland, Fabien presents his work (very impressively too) at the ICES Annual Science conference:

2013.09.24 Fabien Pointin successfully defends his thesis in Bilbao! Congratulations Fabien.

2013.05.17 Dionysios Krekoukiotis defended his Masters' thesis - my first ever student! Congratulations Dionysios!

The student and his comittee: Mark, Dionysios, Andy Visser and Jacob Tornfeldt Sørensen (DHI) after a successful defence