Current Students


Philipp Brun

PhD Student (2013-)

Main supervisor (with Thomas Kiørboe)

A trait based approach to plankton biogeography

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Lauréne Pécuchet

PhD Student (2014-)

Co-supervisor (with Martin Lindegren and Ken Haste Andersen)

A trait-based approach to marine diversity


Tim Dencker

PhD Student (2015-)

Co-supervisor (with Martin Lindegren)

Functional diversity in a changing environment


Katharina Ottosen

Visiting PhD Student from University of Farore Islands

Spatial Distribution of Cod on the Farores Plateau

Previous Students

  • Oihane Muñiz (2016) Erasmus PhD student, University of Basque Country, "Trait-based analysis of Plankton observations in the Bay of Biscay"

  • Anna Katharina Miesner (2015) Master in Aquatic Science, DTU-Aqua, "Environmental Determinates of Blue Whiting (Micromesistius poutassou) spawning distribution"

  • Jonatan Fredricson Marquez (2014) Masters student from Lund University, "Range size changes within the North Sea fish assemblage"

  • Ana Sofia Ferreira (2011-2015) PhD Student co-supervised with Andre Visser and Brian MacKenzie. "A time for every season: Seasonal cycles of plankton and fish"

  • Fabien Pointin (2013) European MSc in Marine Environment and Resources
    "A detailed characterisation of the spawning distribution of Blue Whiting in the Northeast Atlantic".

  • Dionysios Krekoukiotis (2012-2013) Master in Aquatic Science, DTU-Aqua. "Modelling the spring bloom dynamics in the North Atlantic"