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Dr. techn. thesis (DTU)


M Salewski (2020)

Fast-ion diagnostic in fusion plasmas by velocity-space tomography




My PhD students' first-author journal publications


16. M Rud et al. (2024) Nucl. Fusion 64 036007

Diagnostic weight functions in constants-of-motion phase-space


15. H Jarleblad et al. (2024) Nucl. Fusion 64 026015

Fast-ion orbit origin of neutron emission spectroscopy measurements in the JET DT campaign


14. H Jarleblad et al. (2024) Comp. Phys. Comm. 294, 108930

A framework of synthetic diagnostics using energetic-particle orbits in tokamaks


13. BS Schmidt et al. (2023) Phys. Plasmas 30, 092109

Velocity-space sensitivity and inversion of synthetic ion cyclotron emission


12. BS Schmidt et al (2023) Nucl. Fusion 63 076016

4D and 5D phase-space tomography using slowing-down physics regularization


11. H Jarleblad et al. (2022) Nucl. Fusion 62, 112005

Fast-ion orbit sensitivity of neutron and gamma-ray diagnostics for one-step fusion reactions


10. BS Schmidt et al. (2021) Rev. Sci. Instrum 92, 043526

Determining fast-ion velocity distribution functions from ion cyclotron emission data using deep neural networks


9. H Jarleblad et al. (2021) Rev. Sci. Instrum 92, 043526

Fast-ion orbit sensitivity of neutron emission spectroscopy diagnostics


8. B Madsen et al (2020) Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 62 115019

Fast-ion velocity-space tomography using slowing-down regularization in EAST plasmas with co- and counter-current neutral beam injection


7. B Madsen et al (2020) Nucl. Fusion 60 066024

Tomography of the positive-pitc fast-ion velocity distribution in DIII-D plasmas with Alfvén eigenmodes and neoclassical tearing modes


6. B Madsen et al. (2018) Review of Scientific Instruments 89 10D125

Velocity-space tomography using prior information at MAST


5. AS Jacobsen et al. (2017) Review of Scientific Instruments 88 073506.

Velocity-space sensitivities of neutron emission spectrometers at the tokamaks JET and ASDEX Upgrade in deuterium plasmas


4. AS Jacobsen et al. (2016) Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 58045016

Inversion methods for fast-ion velocity-space tomography in fusion plasmas


3. AS Jacobsen et al. (2016) Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 58042002

Benchmark and combined velocity-space tomography of fast-ion D-Alpha spectroscopy and collective Thomson scattering measurements


2. AS Jacobsen et al. (2015) Nuclear Fusion 55 053013

Velocity-space sensitivity of neutron spectrometry measurements 


1. AS Jacobsen et al. (2014) Review of Scientific Instruments 85 11E103

Velocity-space sensitivity of the time-of-flight neutron spectrometer at JET





My first-author journal publications 


22. M Salewski et al. (2019) Journal of Instrumentation 14 C05019

Diagnostic of fast-ion energy spectra and densities in magnetized plasmas


21. M Salewski et al. (2018) Nuclear Fusion 58 096019

Alpha-particle velocity-space diagnostic in ITER


20. M Salewski et al. (2018) Fusion Science and Technology 74(1-2) 23-36

Bayesian Integrated Data Analysis of Fast-Ion Measurements by Velocity-Space Tomography


19. M Salewski et al. (2018) Nuclear Fusion 58 036017

Deuterium temperature, drift velocity, and density measurements in non-Maxwellian plasmas at ASDEX Upgrade


18. M Salewski et al. (2017) Nuclear Fusion 57 056001

MeV-range velocity-space tomography from gamma-ray and neutron emission spectrometry Measurements at JET


17. M Salewski et al. (2016) Nuclear Fusion 56 106024

High-definition velocity-space tomography of fast-ion dynamics


16. M Salewski et al. (2016) Nuclear Fusion 56 046009

Fast-ion energy resolution by one-step reaction gamma-ray spectrometry


15. M Salewski et al. (2015) Nuclear Fusion 55 093029

Velocity-space observation regions of high-resolution two-step reaction gamma-ray spectroscopy


14. M Salewski et al. (2015) Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 57 014021

Doppler tomography in fusion plasmas and astrophysics


13. M Salewski et al. (2014) Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 56 105005

On velocity-space sensitivity of fast-ion D-alpha spectroscopy


12. M Salewski et al. (2014) Nuclear Fusion 54 023005

Measurement of a 2D fast-ion velocity distribution function by tomographic inversion of fast-ion D-alpha spectra


11. M Salewski et al. (2013) Nuclear Fusion 53 063019

Combination of fast-ion diagnostics in velocity-space tomographies


10. M Salewski et al. (2012) Nuclear Fusion 52 103008

Tomography of fast-ion velocity-space distributions from synthetic CTS and FIDA measurements


9. M Salewski et al. (2011) Nuclear Fusion 51 083014

On velocity space interrogation regions of fast-ion collective Thomson scattering at ITER


8. M Salewski et al. (2010) Nuclear Fusion 50 035012

Comparison of fast ion collective Thomson scattering measurements at ASDEX Upgrade with numerical simulations


7. M Salewski et al. (2009) Nuclear Fusion 49 025006

Impact of ICRH on the measurement of fusion alphas by collective Thomson scattering in ITER


6. M Salewski et al. (2009) Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 51 035006

Comparison of collective Thomson scattering signals due to fast ions in ITER scenarios with fusion and auxiliary heating


5. M Salewski et al. (2008) Review of Scientific Instruments 79 10E729

Investigation of first mirror heating for the collective Thomson scattering diagnostic in ITER


4. M Salewski and L Fuchs (2008) Journal of Turbulence 9 (46)

Effects of aerodynamic particle interaction in turbulent non-dilute particle-laden flow


3. M Salewski , D Stankovic, and L Fuchs (2008) Flow Turbulence and Combustion 80 (2) 255-283

Mixing in Circular and Non-circular Jets in Crossflow


2. M Salewski , D Stankovic, and L Fuchs (2007) Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power 129 (1) 61-68

A Comparison of Single- and Multiphase Jets in a Crossflow Using LES


1. M Salewski and L Fuchs (2007) International Journal of Multiphase Flow 33 (4) 394-410

Consistency Issues of Lagrangian Particle Tracking Applied to a Spray Jet in Crossflow


PhD thesis (Lund University)

M Salewski (2006)

LES of Jets and Sprays injected into Crossflow
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