Research Projects

  • KvaliHøj - Effektiv fastlæggelse af kødprodukters holdbarhed med nyt IT-værktøj. Danish Meat Research Institute and other meat producing companies, 2013-2016. (Project partner)

  • Statistical analysis of boar taint data. Scientific contract with Danish Meat Research Institute, 2013-2014. (Project leader)

  • Characterization of absorption enhancers for orally administered therapeutic peptides in tablet formulations – applying statistical learning, Industrial Ph.D. with Novo Nordisk A/S, 2013-2016. (University project leader)

  • Towards evidence-based risk management of food allergies,FP7-KBBE-2012-6, 2013-2016, (Project partner)

  • ConsumerCheck: Brugervenlig software og statistiske/kemometriske metoder til at kombinere sensorisk og supplerende produktinformation i forbrugeracceptstudier. (Project leader), 2010-2015. Supported by DFFE.

  • EMOTION MEASUREMENT IN FOOD CHOICE: An inversed engineering approach. ESN INDUSTRY
    NETWORK PARTERSHIP (2010-2012). (Project partner)

  • Food satisfaction – Understanding sensory drivers to eat well and in a sustainable healthy manner (SensWell). DSF Application – 15 mill. DKK, 2010-2015 (Project partner)

  • Optimizing product testing by sensometrics, psychometrics and statistics, Ph.D. project co-financed by
    Unilever Research, Vlardingen, 2010-2014 (Project leader)

  • Sensometrics, Quality assurance and optimal utilization of sensory profile data. Funded by Direktoratet for FødevareErhverv, 2005-2009. (Project leader)

  • Optimering af formalingsteknologi i cementindustrien. Industrial Ph.D. with IPL, DTU and F.L. Schmidt.
    2007-2010 (Project partner)

  • Web based IT programme for prediction of growth of Clostridium Botulinum in meat products. Funded by Direktoratet for FødevareErhverv, 2007-2009. (Project partner)

  • Skræddersyede sensoriske hurtigmetoder til kvalitetsoptimering i kødindustrien, Funded by Direktoratet for FødevareErhverv, 2007-2009. (Project partner)

  • Chemometrics for chain data, Funded by Globaliseringsfonden (within DTU), 2007-2010. (project leader)

  • In silico ADME classification of chemical (NCE) and biological (NBE) drug candidates. Industrial Ph.D. with Novo Nordisk A/S, 2003-2006. (University project leader)

  • Commercial post educational courses in statistics, 2004-2013. (Partner and leader)

  • Norfa summer school, 2005. Marie Curie Summer School, 2008 (Partner in both)
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