My Research

I am working with applied statistics and statistical method developments in a broad sense  - as well in research as in industrial relations. My particular interest and high experience area is in the use of statistics/data analysis within food science and the food industry including chemometrics. Within the field of Sensometrics, that is, the analysis of sensory and consumer data, I am active on highest international level.

I was guest researcher in 6 months at University of California, Davis and similarly 6 months at CSIRO, Sydney, Australia. I co-authored around 80 peer reviewed scientific papers, 2 books and some open source statistical software with more than 2500 citations (Google Scholar). My Google Scholar H-index is 28. The books are both on Sensometrics:  Statistics for Sensory and Consumer Science (with T. Næs and O. Tomic, John Wiley Sons, 2010), and Nonparametrics  for Sensory Science: A More Informative Approach (with J.C.W. Rayner, D.J. Best and G.D. Rayner, Blackwell Publishing, USA, 2005). I am an Elected member of ISI (2005), was member of the editorial board of international journal Food Quality and Preference (2009-2010) and currently member of the editorial board of the international journal: Journal of Chemometrics.

Since 2004 I've been involved in numerous externally funded projects (initiating more than one project pr year), supervising 10 PhD projects and co-supervised another 6. I have been giving on average 3-4 research presentations pr. year in all parts of the World.
26 FEBRUARY 2024