Master project at the statistics section at DTU Compute?

You can do a master project in statistics at DTU Compute with either a DTU Compute student background or with other backgrounds which lead you to a situation where data analysis/statistics/chemometrics has become an important topic for you!

OR you can do a bachelor project on a given topic, if you found the interest in statistics, and prefarably at the start of the bachelor project has at least one more statistics related course than the introductory one. (It could for instance be one or more of the courses 02411, 02441, 02418) 

Project with PBB as supervisor?

My personal research is focussed on applied statistics and multivariate data analysis/chemometrics in general, applications and developments within food science in general and sensory and consumer analysis (sensometrics) in particular. Also statistics in drug discovery and pharmacometrics has my attention. From a methodological viewpoint my interests are ranging from classical model based parametric statistics and design of experiments to more explorative multivariate data analysis and chemometrics. Mixed models (extensions of standard linear anova/regresssion type models) of various kinds also have my interest.

Project suggestions/ideas:

  • Project with one of the major Danish pharmaceutical companies, e.g. Lundbeck, Novo Nordic.
  • Probabilistic Multidimensional Scaling(MDS) for sensory and consumer data.
  • Analysis of consumer preference data (Prefmap, L-PLS, LCRCR) (Potential partners: Danish Meat Research Institute, Chewtech, Arla )
  • Churn analyser (Potential partner: Copenhagen IT company )
  • Multiplicative mixed models for sensory profile data
  • Replicated sensory difference and similarity tests
  • Comparing some analysis strategies for repeated measurements based on recent R-packages
  • Implementing some R shiny web applications based on recent R-packages

So, if anything cathes your interest, or if you have other ideas, please don't hesitate to contact me!


Project suggestions/ideas - NEW November 2016 Project Fair:

Previous PBB supervised projects:

Diplom afgangsprojekt:

  • Ida simonsen. Effekt af forskellige sensometriske metoder i forbindelse med analyse af sammenhængen mellem fedtsyresammensætningen og den sensoriske kvalitet af streaky bacon. Fall 2015.

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