PhD courses

My teaching at PhD level is focused at the following courses:

June 11-17, 2018 - “Advanced topics within urban water modeling”. We are currently planning this new summer school, this time for PhD students within the field of urban drainage systems modelling. The course will provide participants with a broad overview of advanced techniques within urban drainage modeling. It will furthermore enable participants to place themselves and their research interests in the larger context of the field. We will touch upon both planning/design and real-time management of urban drainage systems, the challenges that are faced when modelling these – and the possible solutions.

April 16-20, 2018 - 12911 "Introduction to good science in environmental Engineering". Introduces PhD-students at DTU Environment to the research field of environmental engineering and provides an understanding of the concepts and tools of research and innovation in this field.

September 6-9, 2017 - 12918 "Integrated urban drainage-wastewater system modelling". Introduces a state-of-the-art tool for integrated modelling of urban drainage, wastewater treatment and receiving water systems.In 2017 the course run in Prague in the days prior to the 14th International Conference on Urban Drainage, in collaboration with CTU at the Czech Technical University in Prague and modelEau at Université Laval in Canada. We have not yet decided when to run the course again.
19 NOVEMBER 2018