Peter Steen Mikkelsen

I am Professor at Department of Environmental EngineeringTechnical University of Denmark and work in the department's Urban Water Systems section.

My main professional interests are related to understanding, engineering and integrated management of urban water with emphasis on stormwater, pollution and flood control, modelling and risk assessment of dynamic systems, and the role of uncertainty in modelling and decision making.

Most of my research and education activities involves transdisciplinary collaboration with scientists from neighbouring disciplines such as hydrology, environmental chemistry and microbiology, process and control engineering, mathematical and stochastic modelling, spatial planning and socio-technical sciences. Industry or authorities are often involved.

I lead DTU's cross-departmental Center for Water Activities, Water DTU.

I have worked internationally as a visiting scientist at the Swiss Federal Institute for Environmental Science and Technology in Zürich (EAWAG, 1993-94) and at the Centre for Water Sensitive Cities at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia (2010-11).

Water is also a private interest, although time does not allow much opportunity for sailing these days...
22 JANUARY 2022