Søren Bredsmose Simonsen

Scientific profile

As Researcher at my current work place, DTU Energy, I analyze energy related materials such as fuels cells, electrolysis cells, batteries, solar cell by using x-ray CT and TEM with an emphasis on in situ methods.

My background within in situ TEM started, during my master and PhD project which were carried out in collaboration with the company Haldor Topsøe A/S. Both projects focused on applying environmental transmission electron microscopy (ETEM) to solve fundamental issues related to catalytic cleaning of diesel exhaust gasses. After the PhD I broadened my competences within the area of catalysis synthesis and testing as postdoc at DTU CASE and in collaboration with the company Amminex A/S. At the first postdoc I further broadened my competences by focusing on materials for energy conversion and storage by electrochemical processes and by starting to work with lab-scale x-ray CT methods.

So far, I have been working with various experimental methods including catalyst preparation (incipient wetness impregnation, co-precipitation, physical vapor deposition) and catalyst testing and characterization (TEM, STEM, EDS, EELS, SEM, STM, AFM, XRD, XRF, X-ray CT, XPS, ellipsometry). My strongest competences are within material characterization by using in situ TEM and in situ x-ray CT methods. I have experience with clean room work. Along my scientific career I have been involved in outreach activities to explain, communicate and disseminate science to the society at large.


I am teaching course 47311 Analytical Imaging of Energy Materials by Electron Microscopy. This is a 5 point 13 week course at DTU for graduate and PhD students.


CrystalMatch - introduction

CrystalMatch is a simple software for (a) measuring crystal lattice distances and angles between lattices planes from HRTEM images and diffraction patterns and (b) for determining if the measured values match known crystal structures as described by crystallographic information files (CIF).

Download CrystalMatch here:


Contact information

DTU Energy Conversion

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building 227, office 131

Phone: +45 2012 0611

e-mail: sobrs@dtu.dk

DTU Energy Conversion website: www.energy.dtu.dk
24 JANUARY 2019