Osmosis, membranes, plants


Peer-reviewed journal papers
PhD theses
MSc theses


Peer-reviewed journal papers

Sap flow and sugar transport in plants
K.H. Jensen, K. Berg-Sørensen, H. Bruus,
N.M. Holbrook, J. Liesche, A. Schulz, M.A. Zwieniecki, and T. Bohr
Rev. Mod. Phys. 88, 035007 1-63 (2016). (pdf

Modeling the hydrodynamics of phloem sieve plates
K.H. Jensen, D.L. Mullendore, N.M. Holbrook, T. Bohr, M. Knoblauch, and H. Bruus
Frontiers Plant Sci 3, 151 (2012). (pdf)
Optimality of the Münch mechanism for translocation of sugars in plants
K.H. Jensen, J. Lee, T Bohr, H. Bruus, N.M. Holbrook, and M.A. Zwienieckie
J. Roy. Soc. Interface 8, 1155-1165 (2011) (pdf)
Self-consistent unstirred layers in osmotically driven flows membrane
K. Hartvig Jensen, T. Bohr, and H. Bruus
J. Fluid Mech. 662, 197-208 (2010) (pdf)
Osmotically driven flows in microchannels separated by
a semipermeable membrane

K. Hartvig Jensen, J. Lee, T. Bohr, and H. Bruus
Lab Chip 9, 2093-2099 (2009) (pdf)

PhD theses

Osmotically driven flows in microfluidic systems
and their relation to sugar transport in plants

Kaare Hartvig Jensen
(January 2011, 194 pages, pdf, erratum)

MSc theses

Flow in microporous silicon carbide: an experimental and numerical study
Kristoffer Gjendal and Henrik Bank Madsen
(December 2008, 147 pages, pdf)
Flow in micro porous silicon carbide
Thomas Eilkær Hansen
(March 2007, 98 pages, pdf)

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