I am involved in various aspects of the education programme at DTU Space:

- In the MSc programme in Earth and Space Physics and Engineering, I am responsible for technological specialisation courses

30740 Geomagnetism

30760 Inverse Problems in Earth and Space Physics

- I also contribute three days on geomagnetic data processing to the course

30210 Data processing Methods in Earth and Space Physics


In addition, I act as supervisor for graduate student research projects with a focus on inverse problems and geomagnetism. At ETH Zurich and DTU I have supervised the following PhD theses:

PhD theses

- Mikkel Otzen Geostatistical Simulation and Probabilistic Inversion in Geomagnetism (DTU Space, ongoing)

- Clemens Kloss Polar Ionospheric Currents and Geomagnetic Field Modelling (DTU Space, ongoing)

- Magnus Hammer Local Estimation of the Earth's Core Magnetic Field (DTU Space, 2018)

- Livia Kother Lithospheric field modeling based on equivalent point sources - an alternative method for directional wellbore surveying (DTU Space, 2017)

- Cecilie Drost Aakjær Investigating the auroral electrojet system from satellite magnetic data (DTU Space, 2017)

- Andrey Sheyko Numerical investigations of MHD in a rotating spherical shell (ETH Zurich, 2014)

- Sanja Panovska Modelling Holocene geomagnetic field evolution  (ETH Zurich, 2012)

I also offer semester projects, MSc and BSc projects, please contact me for further details.  Previous MSc theses are listed below.

MSc theses

- Michael Madelaire Hamiltonian Monte-Carlo modelling of satellite magnetic data (DTU Space, 2019)

- Mikkel Otzen Probabilistic inversion of satellite magnetic data using geostatistical simulation in spherical geometry (DTU Space, 2019)

- Rasmus Joost High resolution regional modelling of the lithospheric magnetic field by a Slepian approach using satellite gradient data from CHAMP and Swarm (DTU Space, 2019)

- Tobias Bjerg Optimizing the ABZ magnetometer by solving the inverse problem generated by the continuous varying current in the Z-coil (DTU Space, 2018)

- Clemens Kloss A study of flow in Earth’s core inferred from satellite magnetic measurements (DTU Space, 2017)

- Christian Vogel Recent changes in the Earth’s core magnetic field (DTU Space, 2016)

- Bryan Grob Geomagnetic secular variation during the 19th century (ETH Zurich, 2011)

- Reto Stockmann Imaging Earth's crustal magnetic field using satellite data (ETH Zurich, 2008)

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