Selected funding during last 8 years

Head of Centre of excellence, granted by the Danish Nat. Res. Foundation
Chairman of Danscatt, Centre for Danish synchrotron users (500 members)
Grant on neutron optics development from ESS
ERC Advanced Grant: “diffraction transmission x-ray microscopy”  
Project director for regional development program   
Grant on methods for airport security and associated commerical grants   
Grant from Russian Federal State   
*PI on Strategic research grant, CINEMA (6 M€ total) 
*PI on DANMAX, grant for beamline (12 M€ total)
*PI on grant for societal partnership LINX (12 M€ total) 
PI on grant for imaging data analysis center, QIM (1.8 M€ total)  

For multi-beneficiary projects, the budget numbers listed above relate only to the DTU group.

Current funding. In addition to funding marked by * above

DTU-NTNU excellence initiative in 3D materials science:  
ESRF PhD program on HR 3DXRD:          
Grant on grain mapping methods, funded by Beyreuth University:   
Grant on neutron stress microscopy:  

6.5 M€ in 2006-2011 
1.0 M€ in 2008-2017
0.2 M€ in 2011-2013
2.5 M€ in 2012-2017
1.8 M€ in 2012-2014
2.4 M€ in 2013-2016
0.5 M€ in 2013-2014   
3.4 M€ in 2014-2019 
6.2 M€ in 2016-2020
2.5 M€ in 2016-2020
0.6 M€ in 2017-2020 

1+1 PhD
1 PhD 
1 post doc
1 post doc

In addition, I head the 3D imaging center, which is partly funded by a variety of basic, applied and commercial projects, including 2 grand solution IFD and 2 Eurostars projects.
A member of the group, Simons, has just received an ERC Starting Grant and become staff.
4 JUNE 2023