Short CV of Jacob Østergaard

Personal details

Date of birth: 17 March 1969
Nationality: Danish


Contact information

Technical University of Denmark
Department of Electrical Engineering
Centre for Electric Power and Energy (CEE)
Elektrovej 325
2800 Kgs. Lyngby

phone: +45 45 25 35 01
mobile: +45 25 13 05 01 
Twitter: @ProfJacobO



Since 2005 Jacob Østergaard (JØ) has been Professor and founding head of Centre for Electric Power and Energy at Department of Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - a 100 person research unit. Earlier JØ has been emplyeed 10 year in industry at Research Institute of Danish Electric Utilities (DEFU). JØ graduated from DTU in Electrical Engineering in 1995.

JØ's research focus on technologies for development of a more intelligent, flexible, and automated, and IT-based energy system that can handle the future expansion of renewable energy sources and the long term vision of a fossil-free energy system in an efficient way. JØ's research includes integration of distributed generation and renewable energy sources, new control and network architectures, power system flexibility from demand side, and multi-carrier energy systems. 

His research combines theory and metodological research with real-life experiments and validation. JØ has been initiator PowerLabDK, the EnergyLab Nordhavn project in Copenhagen, whict develops new technologies and business models for integrated systems with electricity, heating, transportation and buildings, as well as the EcoGrid activities at Bornholm, which develops novel marked designs for flexibility and demand response.

During JØ's career he has been involved in power engineering research and development within a variety of energy and power system aspects. During the first years his main research area was superconducting applications in power systems. This resulted in installation of world’s first high temperature superconducting cable in a public utility grid. In the following years he has been responsible for development of the first national grid code for grid connection of thermal power plants and my main research covered demand modeling and transmission/distribution system interfacing. 

While at DTU JØ has developed teaching and research activities in electric power and energy as well as taking responsibility for departmental administrative activities. JØ has founded and been heading the development of the Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE) to its present state since its establishing in August 2005. He has developed CEE into a centre with approximately 100 staff members, a strong industrial collaboration, and with the ability to attract both an increasing number of students to the field and substantial industrial and public funding. JØ has been principal investigator of many external funded research projects, participated in several EU-funded projects, and he is personally responsible for attracting funding for many activities. 

JØ has been main responsible for the development of the industrial collaboration of CEE, including establishing of strategic partnerships (centre agreements) with, DONG Energy, Siemens and Danfoss - and start of formal collaboration with more than 50 industrial partners. JØ has been the driving force for development of the strategy and research plan for CEE as well as the vision and concept of a new unique experimental platform for research, education and innovation in electric power and energy, PowerLabDK.

JØ is serving in several professional organizations and a number of boards. He is senior member of IEEE and member of Cigré.



2009: IBM Faculty Award (USD 20,000)
2007: AEG Foundation’s Electron-prize (DKK 50,000)
2005: Mogens Balslev Foundation (DKK 100,000)
1996: A. Angelo’s prize for research talents (DKK 10,000)


Selected boards and steering committees

2017 - ongoing: Member of PowerLabDK steering commitee
2015 - ongoing: Member of the Danish Smart Energy Platform
2014 - ongoing: Founder and member of the Danish Partnership for Smart Energy Networks for RD&D
2015 - ongoing: Member of Board of directors of Energimuseet
2006 - ongoing: Member of the Interest Forum of

2016 - 2017: Member of the Danish Government's Energy Commission2010 - 2011: Member of the Minister of Climate, Energy and Building's Smart Grid Network
2009 - 2017: Founding chairman of the PowerLabDK consortium 
2008 - 2015: Member of Board of directors of Mogens Balslev, Rådgivende Ingeniører A/S
2006 - 2009: Member of EU's SmartGrids council
2006 - 2016: Member of the steering committee of Nordic Centre for Knowledge Interchange (Nordic CKI)
2005 - 2014: Member of the steering committee of the Danish Consortium for Wind Energy Research
2003 - 2005: Secretary of the steering committee on support to the electric power engineering education from the energy industry


Further information

My official DTU webpage 
Publications in Thompson Reuter
 (Researcher Id: F-4434-2012)
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Publications in SCOPUS (Author ID: 7004506852)
Publications in ORCID (ORCID identifier: 0000-0002-9416-2857)
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