for contributed talks and posters

Format of the talks:
13 min presentation, 3 min questions, 2 min change (a total of 18 min)

Monday talks session A: Droplets
A-1: Giacomo Gallino
The stability of a rising droplet: an inertialess nonmodal growth mechanism
A-2: Floriane Weyer
University of Liège (BEL)
Compound droplet manipulations on fiber arrays
A-3: Martin Brandenbourger

University of Liège (BEL)
Electrically charged droplet
A-4: Alexander L. Klein

University of Twente (NLD)
Drop shaping and fragmentation by laser-pulse impact

A-5: Jun Luo

University of Twente (NLD)
Nanosecond laser-induced droplet ejection and deposition from thin metal film

Tuesday talks session B: Miscellaneous fluid dynamics
B-1: Mads Mølholm Hejlesen
Technical University of Denmark (DNK)
Simulation and analysis of the evolution of a single vortex ring
using a state-of-the-art vortex method
B-2: Parizad Shojaee Nasirabadi

Technical University of Denmark (DNK)
Numerical modeling of simultaneous heat and mass transfer
for prediction of local climate inside electronic enclosures

B-3: Jonas T. Karlsen
Technical University of Denmark (DNK)
Size-dependent acoustic contrast factor of microparticles and droplets
B-4: Vincent Bacot
ESPCI ParisTech, Langevin (FRA)
The instantaneous time mirror
B-5: Mikkel W.H. Ley
Technical University of Denmark (DNK)
Hydrodynamic interaction dynamics in microfluidic acousto- and magenetophoresis
Wednesday talks session C: Microfluidics

C-1: Rune Barnkob
Bunderswehr University Munich (DEU)
General defocusing particle tracking with applications in microfluidics
C-2: Catherine Lamstaes
University of Bristol (GBR)
Bubble stuck in vertical tube
C-3: Hanna Rademaker
Technical University of Denmark (DNK)
Microfluidics of Sugar Loading in Plants

C-4: Kaare Hartvig Jensen
Technical University of Denmark (DNK)
Scaling of vascular structure and optimality of sugar transport in conifer needles
C-5: Alexandra Hyler
Virginia Tech (USA)
The effect of fluid shear stress on ovarian cancer cell viability and subcellular organization
Thursday talks session D:  Wetting
D-1: Daniel Beilharz
Ecole polytechnique (FRA)
Wetting in a textured medium
D-2: Hélène de Maleprade

Ecole polytechnique  (FRA)
Spreading of bubbles
D-3: Shantanu Maheshwari

University of Twente (NLD)
Line tension and wettability of nanodrops on curved surfaces
D-4: Pascaline Hayoun
Thin liquid film in polymer tubing: dynamics and dewetting in partial wetting condition
D-5: Menghua Zhao
Wetting ridge on soft gels
Thursday talks session E: Fluids and surfaces
E-1: Timothée Mouterde
Ecole Polytechnique (FRA)
Superhydrophobic frictions
E-2: Álvaro Moreno Soto
University of Twente (NLD)
Transporting gas away from catalyst surfaces
E-3: Paul Grandgeorge
UPMC - d'Alembert (FRA)
Elastocapillary windlass: from spider webs to smart actuators
Friday talks session F: Microswimmers
F-1: Galien Grosjean
University of Liège (BEL)
Remote control of magnetocapillary microswimmers
F-2: Navish Wadhwa
Technical University of Denmark (DNK)
Size matters: the interplay between sensing and size in aquatic environments

F-3: Julia Dölger
Technical University of Denmark (DNK)
Feeding and swimming of flagellates
F-4: Justas Dauparas
University of Cambridge (GBR)
Flows around bacterial swarms
F-5: Lyndon Koens
University of Cambridge (GBR)
Slender-ribbon theory
Friday talks session G: Rehology and viscosity
G-1: Saikat Saha
Nehru Centre (IND)
Non-Newtonian and non-Fourier rheology of sheared granular fluid
G-2: Willem van de Water
TU Eindhoven (NLD)
The mystery of bulk viscosity
G-3 Tomas Bohr
Technical University of Denmark (DNK)
The double slit experiment in quantum mechanics and with bouncing drops
16 JUNE 2024