Research projects


My research interests include fundamental plasma physics processes such as non-linear three-wave interaction between plasma waves, the dynamics of energetic particles in tokamaks, tokamak operation, and general development of plasma diagnostics.


The NORTH tokamak

I am the project leader of the NORTH tokamak (previously ST25) located at DTU which is a collaboration between DTU and the British company Tokamak Energy. The project is described in great detail on


Parametric decay studies

I am leading a research group which investigates of decay of microwave heating beams in the plasma edge. The work is sponsored by a Villum Young Investigator Grant and studies the plasma waves excited in the plasma edge by heating beams. The greater goal of this project is to optimizing the heating efficiency of microwave based heating systems. Publications and reports on this topic can be found here:


Bulk and Fast-ion dynamics

I am responsible for the group which build and operates the fast-ion diagnostic on the ASDEX Upgrade project on ASDEX Upgrade. The diagnostic is based on the principle of collective Thomson scattering (CTS) and uses high power microwaves for scattering off plasma fluctuations. I also coordinate the Danish CTS work on W7X which is currently entering a final phase in 2018.
26 FEBRUAR 2024