Student projects


If you are interested in doing a project on experimental plasma physics at DTU please contact me by email. Below examples of previous projects are found.


PhD Projects

Søren Kjer Hansen, On parametric decay of mm-wave heating beams in fusion plasmas, 2016-2019 (main supervisor)

Mads Senstius, Numerical investigation of the parametric decay process, 2017-2020 (main supervisor)

Andrea Tancetti, Experimental investigation of parametric decay on W7X and the ST25 tokamak, 2018-2021 (main supervisor)

Asger Jacobsen, Methods to determine fast-iondistribution functions from multi-diagnostic measurements (unofficial co-supervisor)

Dmitry Moseev, Fast Ion Dynamics in ASDEX Upgradeand TEXTOR Measured by Collective Thomson Scattering (unofficial co-supervisor)


Master projects

Nicola Tancetti, Non-linear plasma-wave interaction in the NORTH tokamak (main supervisor)

Bjarke Nielsen, electron transport in the NORTH tokamak

Søren Kjer Hansen, Parametric Decay and Anomalous Scattering from Tokamak Plasmas (main supervisor),link

Andreas Borup, Fast FPGA-based processing of measurement data from scattering experiments (main supervisor)

Johan Pedersen, Dynamics and Thermalization of Energetic Ions in MagneticallyConfined Fusion Plasmas (co-supervisor)

Bachelor projects

Stefan Kei Akazawa, Electron density limitsin toroidal plasmas (main supervisor)

Freja Henrich Due, The interchange dynamics in a toroidalmagnetic field configuration (main supervisor)

Søren Hansen, Modelling Collective Thomson Scattering in Fusion Plasmas (main supervisor)
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