ProCell — Programmable cell chip: culturing and manipulation of living cells with real-time reaction monitoring (2008.10.01 - 2012.09.30, budget 7.8 MDKK) is a research project at DTU Nanotech and DTU Informatics funded  by the the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation under the Programme Commission on Strategic Growth Technologies, Grant No. 2106-08-0018 “ProCell”, with co-funding from DTU and industrial as well as academic partners.

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In project ProCell a new device is built for culturing and monitoring of living cells in real-time. ProCell will contribute to the transformation of life sciences by allowing (i) to automatically manipulate cells based on their observed behavior using embedded computer controllers, (ii) to make complex cell experiments in shorter time, from years to weeks, and (iii) to simulate in vivo conditions by in vitro experiments, thus reducing the need for animal experiments. In particular, ProCell will be applied to toxicity studies in the pharmaceutical industry and to cancer and stem cell research.
18 APRIL 2024