BSc theses

Theoretical Microfluidics Group

Experimental acoustofluidics for automated handling of cells   
Philip Jensen and Joakim Edsen Pihl
(January 2024, 85 pages, pdf)
Theory and simulation of thermo-viscous ultrasound handling of microparticles and fluids   
Gustav K. Modler
(June 2021, 60 pages, pdf)
Optimal electrode design of piezoelectric transducers   
Søren Anton Steffensen Kuhberg
(June 2020, 64 pages, pdf)
Piezoelectric actuation of acoustophoretic systems   
Bjørn G. Winckelmann
(June 2018, 62 pages, pdf)
Theory and numerical modeling of microscale acoustofluidics   
William Frisch Møller
(June 2017, 62 pages, pdf
Theory and numerical modeling of all-polymer based acoustofluidic devices   
William N. Bodé and Thor H. Snedker
(June 2017, 97 pages, pdf
Theory of microscale acoustofluidics in inhomogeneous suspensions   
Jakob Milo Hauge
(July 2016, 103 pages, pdf)

Acoustic levitation of particles  
Andreas Muff Munk 
(June 2016, 87 pages, pdf

Modeling of electrokinetics with advection near dendritic metal electrodes
Patrick Strøm-Hansen 
(June 2015, 54 pages, pdf)  
Modeling of concentration polarization in electrokinetic microsystems
Jacob Søberg Bach and Emil Launtoft Pedersen 
(June 2014, 63 pages, pdf
Electrokinetics in microchannels with ion-selective membranes
Nicklas Walldorf 
(January 2014, 62 pages, pdf
Temperature-controlled, high-throughput
acoustophoretic particle separation in microchannels

Christian Laut Ebbesen 
(June 2010, 71 pages, pdf)   
Theory of electrokinetic effects in nanofluidic channels
Kristian Lund Jensen and Jesper Toft Kristensen 
(June 2010, 147 pages, pdf)  
Forces acting on microparticles in acoustofluidic systems
Lasse Mejling Andersen, Anders Nysteen, and Mikkel Settnes 
(June 2009, 167 pages, pdf)  
Theoretical acoustofluidics in microsystems: Theory and simulation
Torben Nielsen and Alan Wiinberg 
(June 2008, 105 pages, pdf
Theoretical acoustofluidics in microsystems
Sofie Sabine Rose Moth and Julie Refsgaard Lawaetz 
(June 2007, 125 pages, pdf)
Experimental nanofluidics: capillary filling of nanochannels
Morten Bo Lindholm Mikkelsen, Simon Eskild Jarlgaard, and Peder Skafte-Pedersen
(June 2005, 125 pages, pdf)  
Topology optimization of microfluidic cooling systems
Pernille Voss Larsen and Signe Sarah Shim
(89 pages, pdf)  
Simulation, fabrication, and characterization of
magnetophoretic microfluid systems

Anders Ebro Christensen, Henrik Gert Hassager, and Daniel Evan Nielsen
(June 2004, 135 pages, pdf)  
Asymmetric electrode micropumps

Morten Arnoldus and Michael Hansen
(January 2004, 87 pages, pdf)  
Modellering af lysgennmtrægning i aluminium og aluminiumoxid

Dennis Mortensen and Mohammad Akram Ajine
(June 2004, 147 pages, not available for download)  
Atomic clusters and cluster assembled nanostructures
Mikkel Schøler and Rasmus B. Nielsen
(June 2004, 106 pages, pdf)
15 JULY 2024