MSc theses

Theoretical Microfluidics Group

Theoretical microfluidics:
combined acoustic streaming and electroosmosis

Bjørn G. Winckelmann
(June 2020, 103 pages, pdf)
Acoustic streaming in polymer systems  
William Naundrup Bodé
(June 2019, 98 pages, pdf)
Theory and simulation of the acoustic radiation force
on a suspended microparticlemodelling
Nicolas Vauchel
(September 2017, 32 pages, pdf)
Theory and simulation of microscale acoustic streaming
in three dimensions: a study in effective modelling

Jacob Søberg Bach
(January 2017, 110 pages, pdf)
Surface acoustic waves in microuidic devices:
simulation and instrumentation

Nils Refstrup Skov
(March 2016, 101 pages, pdf)

Theory and finite-element modeling of electrokinetics
in microchannels with permselective elements

Rasmus D. Engelsholm
(October 2014, 96 pages, pdf

Theory of thermoviscous acoustofluidics in microsystems
Jonas T. Karlsen
(March 2014, 130 pages, pdf
Hydrodynamics interactions in microfluidic acoustophoresis
Mikkel W. H. Ley
(February 2014, 102 pages, pdf)

Modeling of cell reactions and advection-diffusion processes
in microfluidic biochips

Kasper W. Lipsø
(July 2012, 91 pages, pdf
Theory and simulation of electrokinetics in micro- and nanochannels
Christoffer P. Nielsen
(June 2012, 87 pages, pdf
Acoustofluidics in microsystems: investigation of acoustic streaming
Peter Barkholt Muller
(March 2012, 101 pages, pdf
Taylor dispersion in time dependent flow
Emil Hovad
(September 2011, 143 pages, pdf
Theory and application of ultrasound diagnostics of aqueous solutions
Kasper Kristensen 
(July 2010, 122 pages, pdf)  
Acoustofluidics in microsystems: investigation of resonances
Rune Barnkob
(June 2009, 138 pages, pdf
Millisecond dynamics in microfluidics: Equivalent circuit theory and experiment
Søren Vedel 
(February 2009, 123 pages, pdf)
Theoretical aspects of nonlinear electrokinetic phenomena in microfluidics
Mathias Bækbo Andersen 
(January 2009, 111 pages, pdf)
Flow in microporous silicon carbide: an experimental and numerical study
Kristoffer Gjendal and Henrik Bank Madsen
(December 2008, 147 pages, pdf
Acoustic forces on particles and liquids in microfluidic systems
Peder Skafte-Pedersen 
(January 2008, 183 pages, pdf)  
Acoustic radiation in microfluidic systems
Thomas Glasdam Jensen
(April 2007, 117 pages, pdf)
Flow in micro porous silicon carbide
Thomas Eilkær Hansen
(March 2007, 98 pages, pdf)
Cell sorting using AC dielectrophoresis
Christian Møller Pedersen
(February 2006, 99 pages, pdf)
AC asymmetric electrode micropumps
Misha Marie Gregersen
(Oktober 2005, 159 pages, pdf)
Dynamics of finite-sized particles in microfluidic systems
Martin Heller
(July 2005, 97 pages, pdf
Brownian dynamics simulation of polymer behaviors in microfluidic systems 
Zhu Xueyu 
(July 2005, 95 pages, pdf)
Liquid Droplet Dye Laser
Hatim Azzouz 
(April 2005, 128 pages, pdf)
Integrated Microfluidic Mixer and Magnetic Bead Trap
Torsten Lund Olesen
(March 2005, 134 pages, pdf)
Electrohydrodynamics of the asymmetric electrode array micropump
Lionel Belmon
(September 2004, 93 pages, pdf)
Computational fluid dynamics in microfluidic systems
Laurits Højgaard Olesen
(July 2003, 137 pages, pdf)
Blood flow in microchannels
Lennart Bitsch
(May 2002, 111 pages, pdf
Principles of electroosmotic pumps
Anders Brask
(May 2002, 156 pages, pdf
Dispersion in electrokinetically and pressure driven microflows
Flemming Rytter Hansen
(May 2002, 121 pages, pdf
Bubbles in microchannels
Mads Jakob Jensen
(May 2002, 155 pages, pdf)
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