PhD theses

Theoretical Microfluidics Group

Exploring challenges and solutions towards polymer-based acoustofluidics
Fabian Lickert
(November 2022, 160 pages, pdf
Polymer-based acoustofluidics: bridging simulation and experiment
William Naundrup Bodé
(October 2022, 159 pages, pdf)
Theory and modeling of thermoviscous acoustofluidics
Jonas Helboe Jørgensen
(January 2022, 164 pages, pdf)
Theory and modeling of thin-film actuation in microscale acoustofluidics
André Gugele Steckel
(August 2021, 150 pages, pdf)
Theory of acoustic fields and streaming with
viscous boundary layers in microsystems
Jacob Søberg Bach
(February 2020, 177 pages, pdf)
Modeling of complex acoustofluidic devices
Nils Refstrup Skov
(June 2019, 179 pages, pdf)

Theory of nonlinear acoustic forces acting
on fluids and particles in microsystems
Jonas T. Karlsen
(January 2018, 174 pages, pdf)
Effective modelling of acoustofluidic devices
Mikkel Wennemoes Hvitfeld Ley
(August 2017, 141 pages, pdf)
Acoustic streaming in microchannels:
the trinity of analytics, numerics and experiments
Peter Muller Tribler (né Barkholt Muller)
(September 2015, 148 pages, pdf)
Concentration polarization:
electrodeposition and transport phenomena at overlimiting current 

Christoffer P. Nielsen
(August 2015, 227 pages, pdf)

Physics of microparticle acoustophoresis:
bridging theory and experiment

Rune Barnkob
(August 2012, 214 pages, pdf)
Solutes and Cells:
aspects of advection-diffusion-reaction phenomena in biochips

Søren Vedel
(August 2012, 261 pages, pdf)
Electrokinetics of nanochannels and porous
membranes with dynamic surface charges

Mathias Bækbo Andersen
(March 2012, 202 pages, pdf)
Osmotically driven flows in microfluidic systems
and their relation to sugar transport in

Kaare Hartvig Jensen
(January 2011, 194 pages, pdf, erratum)
Electrokinetics and catalysis in microfluidic systems:
Theory, topology optimization and experiments

Misha Marie Gregersen
(February 2009, 176 pages, pdf)
Numerical study of free surfaces and particle sorting in microfluidic devices
Martin Heller
(October 2008, 160 pages, pdf
AC electrokinetic micropumps
Laurits Højgaard Olesen
(August 2006, 200 pages, pdf)
Critical components in microfluidic systems for drug delivery: Energy consumption in safe, turning microvalves
Lennart Bitsch
(April 2006, 138 pages, pdf
Electroosmotic micropumps
Anders Brask
(August 2005, 153 pages, pdf
Numerical simulation of interface dynamics in micro fluidics
Mads Jakob Jensen
(August 2005, 160 pages, pdf
Magnetic separation and hydrodynamic interactions in microfluidic systems
Christian Ingemann Mikkelsen
(May 2005, 122 pages, pdf
Electrohydrodynamic aspects of two-fluid
microfluidic systems: Theory and simulation

Goran Goranovic
(August 2003, 154 pages, pdf)
15 JULY 2024