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BelektroniG presents its High-End solution for driving surface acoustic wave (SAW) actuators or resonant devices. SAW actuators allow creating forces inside microfluidic systems e.g. droplet movement, mixing and pumping, cell sorting and even fluid atomization. On the other hand SAW actuators require special high-frequency electronics to be used. The BelektroniG Power SAW Generator integrates all required functionality for an easy access to acoustofluidic experiments. Main features are a network analyzer mode to detect and characterize connected SAW actuators, an automatic scanning mode, a multichannel output with adjustable phases for experiments with standing waves, as well as pulse modes and trigger in-/outputs. The Power SAW Generator comes with a convenient PC-Software allowing an easy access to all the functions and also to monitor your experiment and record data. BelektroniG will show some live experiments at its exhibition table.

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17 APRIL 2024