Lists of talks and posters

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Invited talks (40 min presentation, 5 min questions)
inv1. Michaël Baudoin, Université Lille 1 (FR)
     SAW-based vortical acoustofluidics
inv2. Erwin Peterman, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (NL)
     Acoustic force microscopy
inv3. Per Augustsson, Lunds Universitet (SE)
inv4. Philippe Marmottant, Université Grenoble Alpes (FR)
     Bubble-based acoustofluidics

Contributed talks (12 min presentation, 3 min questions)
Pierre Thibault, CNRS/Université Grenoble-Alpes (FR) 
     Generation of acoustic vortices  using standing surface acoustic waves in a microfluidic device
c02. Adrian Neild, Monash University (AU)
     Particle Sorting using a Combination of Travelling and Standing Surface Acoustis Waves
c03. Christine Faust, Leibniz IFW Dresden (DE)
     Multi-purpose SAW-based device for comprehensive cell behavior studies 
c04. Rune Barnkob, Bundeswehr University Munich  (DE)
     Radiation-dominated microparticle motion in a PDMS microchannel driven by a standing surface acoustic wave
c05. David Collins, Singapore University of Technology and Design (SG)
     Sub-micron particle manipulation with acoustic streaming driven by highly focused surface acoustic waves
c06. Mikael Evander, Lund University (SE)
     Proteomic analysis of acoustically trapped extracellular vesicles
c07. Umesh Jonnalagadda, University of Southampton (GB)
     Biomechanical Influence of the Acoustic Environment for Engineering Cartilage
c08. Peter Reichert, ETH Zurich (CH)
     Acoustophoretic Handling of C. elegans in microfluidic channels
c09. Karl Olofsson, KTH Royal Institute of Technology (SE)
     Influence of protein repellent polymer coating on ultrasonic spheroid production in a multi-well microplate
c10. Liangfei Tian, University of Bristol (GB) 
     Spontaneous ultrasonic assembly of chemically encoded and responsive two-dimensional coacervate droplet arrays
c11. Anna Fornell, Lund University (SE)
     Particle enrichment in two-phase microfluidic systems using acoustophoresis
c12. Mathias Ohlin, Uppsala University (SE)
     2D acoustophoretic positioning of microparticles inside droplets
c13. Björn Hammarström, Southampton University (GB)
     An improved co-culture model of the mucosal airway enabled by acoustic trapping
c14. Mikkel W. H. Ley, Technical University of Denmark (DK)
     Design considerations for acoustic modes in glass capillaries used in acoustic trapping devices
c15. Jonas T. Karlsen, Technical University of Denmark (DK) 
     The acoustic force density acting on inhomogeneous fluids with spatial variations in density and compressibility
c16. Charles Shields, Duke University (US)
     Acoustic and magnetic methods for the isolation and analysis of biomarkers in microfluidic platforms
c17. Maria Antfolk, Lund University (SE)
     Integration of acousto- and dielectrophoresis for tumor cell separation and concentration followed by single cell trapping
c18. Alexander Doinikov, CNRS/Université Grenoble-Alpes (FR)
     Acoustic streaming generated by a cylindrical bubble in a microfluidic channel
c19. Sascha Hilgenfeldt, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (US)
     Size Sorting of Particles in Microstreaming: Quantifying Lift Forces
c20. Ghulam Destgeer, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KR) 
     A sessile droplet of water carrying polystyrene microparticles meets with high frequency acoustic waves
c21. Jin Ho Jung, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KR)
     Acoustic droplet splitting in a micro fluidic channel by a slanted-finger interdigitated transducer
c22. Kian-Meng Lim, National University of Singapore (SG)
     Interparticle Force in Acoustofluidic Devices
c23. Thierry Baasch, ETH Zurich (CH)
     Particle pearl-chain formation, an experimental and numerical study
c24. Citsabehsan Devendran, Monash University (AU) 
     The importance of travelling wave components in standing surface acoustic wave (SSAW) systems
c25. Andreas Lamprecht, ETH Zurich (CH) 
     Imaging acoustic radiation forces and streaming with an optical trap
c26. Hans Cappon, Wageningen University (NL)
     Numerical design and experimental evaluation of an acoustic separator for water treatment
c27. Morteza Miansari, University of California San Diego (US)
     Acoustic nanofluidics: a novel platform for actuation and manipulation of nano-confined fluids and particles
c28. An Huang, University of California San Diego (US)
     Fast dimensional transition of Fe3O4 nanoparticles self-assembly through external magnetic force & surface acoustic wave
c29. Stefan Radel, Vienna University of Technology (AT)
     Ultrasound enhanced Process Analytical Technology (USe PAT) exploited in a model crystallization process

Contributed poster presentations (typical size A0 [84 cm wide, 120 cm high])
p01. Prashant Agrawal, Monash University (AU) 
     An examination of the limits of microparticle collection over a broad frequency range
p02. Husnain Ahmed, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology  (KR)
     Acoustomicrofluidic manipulation of polystyrene, PMMA and fused silica particles using surface acoustic waves
p03. Vivian Aubert, CEA Leti (FR)
     A simple acoustofluidic chip for microscale manipulation using evanescent Scholte waves
p04. Mauricio Hoyos, ESPCI-ParisTech (FR)
     A definition of acoustophoretic mobility and the optimization of acoustic SPLIT transport-Thin fractionation, SPLITT
p05. Amanda Franklin, University of Bristol (GB) 
     A two-element acoustic tractor beam for microparticle manipulation
p06. Pierre-Yves Gires, CEA Leti (FR) 
     Optimising particle manipulation via acoustofluidics at low frequency
p07. Itziar Gonzalez, Spanish Research Council CSIC (ES)
     Influence of rheological properties of blood samples on acoustic plasmapheresis
p08. Dmitry Grishenkov, KTH - Royal Institute of Technology  (SE) 
     Investigation of polymer-shelled microbubbles motions in acoustophoresis
p09. Jeremy Hawkes, Acoustic Machines  (GB)
     Ultrasound filtration and manipulation of yeast using a fogger
p10. Douwe Kamsma, VU Amsterdam (NL)
     Tuning the Music: Acoustic Force Spectroscopy (AFS) 2.0
p11. Florian Kiebert, Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research (DE)
     Comparison between acoustic streaming induced fluid flow in 3D-simulation and experiment
p12. Rayisa Moiseyenko, Technical University of Denmark (DK)
     Optical and acoustic sensing in dual phononic and photonic crystals
p13. Franziska Olm, Lund University (SE)
     Label-free separation of neuroblastoma cells from mononuclear cells using an acoustophoresis-based microfluidic chip
p14. Filip Plazonic, University of Southampton (GB)
     Acoustophoretic manipulation for particle detection
p15. Chanryeol Rhyou, Yonsei University  (KR) 
     Feasibility of high throughput particle separation using the continuous phase modulation in standing surface acoustic waves
p16. Nils Refstrup Skov, Technical University of Denmark (DK) 
     Boundary conditions in numeric modelling of solid-fluid interactions in acoustofluidic microdevices
p17. Anke Urbansky, Lund University (SE)
     Acoustophoretic separation of mononuclear cells from red blood cells using optimized buffer conditions
p18. Michel Versluis, University of Twente (NL)
     Controlled nanoparticle release through microbubble acoustofluidics: physical insight and applications
p19. Andreas Volk, Bundeswehr University Munich (DE)
     Size-dependent particle migration in bubble-driven acoustic streaming

26 FEBRUARY 2024